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An educational series designed to help clinicians understand the usage and value of bracing for their patients.

Through AMP Academy’s eLearning courses taught by industry experts, digital content, the latest clinical research, and more, you can amp up your orthopedic bracing education and feel confident about offering the right solutions for your patients’ needs.

Video Series

All About Spinal Bracing

Learn how spinal bracing benefits patients and why Aspen braces are the preferred choice with Associate Director of Clinical Education, Jeff Freed.

Bracing Post-op

Watch to learn why bracing post-op is very important long-term.

Bracing for Low Back Pain

Understand how a back brace can help patients with lower back pain become and stay active.

Bracing & PT 

Watch to find out how bracing and physical therapy work hand in hand.

Bracing & Increased Function

Discover how spinal bracing can help increase patient function and mobility for an active lifestyle.

Does Bracing Cause Atrophy?

Uncover the reason for this common misconception and see what clinical research has to say.

Differences Between OTC & Coded Braces

See why a coded brace may be the right decision for your patients.

Differences Between 464 TLSO & 456 TLSO

See the difference between these TLSO braces to help you decide which best suits your patients.

What the Aspen Pediatric Collar Does

Find out why the Aspen Pediatric Collar is perfectly suited to pediatric patients’ needs.

Innovation in the Vista Cervical Collar

Discover what makes the Vista Cervical Collar the most trusted collar on the market.

How the Peak Scoliosis Brace Helps Patients

Learn how the Peak Scoliosis Bracing System™ improves function.

Video Series

What You Need to Know About AMP DME Billing Solutions

Discover how this program benefits your clinic’s DME business with Director of AMP DME Billing Solutions, Clarence Seay.

What is AMP DME Billing Solutions?

Learn how AMP DME Billing Solutions stands out from the rest.

Is DME right for your organization?

Watch to find out if a DME billing program is the right fit for your business.

What is the goal of AMP DME Billing Solutions?

Discover the driving force behind AMP DME Billing Solutions.

Aspen's DME Billing Solutions Department

Discover how Aspen’s DME Billing Solutions Department integrates customer feedback and evolves to best suit their needs.

The Recent Expiration of the Competitive Bid Program

Following the recent expiration of the Competitive Bid Program in early 2024, new opportunities and challenges have emerged in the DME business. Learn how our team of experts are ready to assist.

Billing and Documenting for Custom-Fit Braces vs. Off-the-Shelf

Watch to learn how our DME Billing Solutions team can help clarify the distinctions between billing and documenting for custom-fit braces versus off-the-shelf braces.

Dispensing DME & Medical Documentation

One of the biggest challenges our customers face in dispensing DME is medical documentation. Our experts are here to educate you on how to navigate through that process.

Aspen is Dedicated to Demonstrating Care for Our Customers

Hear from Clarence Seay, VP of Customer Solutions, as he discusses how Aspen remains dedicated to demonstrating care for our customers.

Video Series

Causes and Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Hear from Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, MPH, FASA as he describes how bracing is an effective management tool for lower back pain.

Causes of lower back pain

Understand the main causes of lower back pain and how it affects patients.

Manage lower back pain

Dr. Alaa Abd-Elsayed outlines his treatment protocol for lower back pain.

Video Series

Conservative Pain Management

How to utilize conservative care options

Dr. Whalen emphasizes the importance of moving patients towards non-opioid pain management solutions.

Bracing for post op conservative care

Uncover how bracing is utilized beyond post-operative care.

Bracing as a pain management solution

Brantley Stricker, DPT discusses how bracing is a valid solution for pain management.

Video Series

Bracing + Other Modalities

Non-operative options and solutions

Dr. Whalen highlights his comprehensive treatment model for non-operative patients.

Bracing in conjunction with other modalities

Learn how bracing is a complimentary therapy to other modalities.

Advocating Bracing as Pain Management Modality

See how Aspen advocates for bracing as a scientifically supported method of pain management.

Aspen Collaborates with Pain Management Specialists

Watch to understand how Aspen has collaborated with pain management specialists to present data demonstrating how bracing can be an effective pain management tool.

Bracing for Pain Management from Brantley Stricker, DPT

Hear from our Market Specialist, Brantley Stricker, DPT as he explains how bracing has become the more common standard practice for pain management.

Video Series

Extremity Bracing

Conditions that respond to extremity bracing

Find out which specific conditions typically respond best to extremity bracing.

Benefits of patient compliance

Dr. Whalen outlines his approach to increasing patient compliance.

The benefits of Aspen OA braces

Hear Dr. Whalen on how your patients can benefit from Aspen’s OA knee solutions.

The benefits of implementing bracing into your practice

Understand how patients benefit from bracing when utilized in your practice.

Video Series

Compression Fractures

How do you treat compression fractures?

Dr. Alaa Abd-Elsayed describes the importance of stabilizing compression fractures.

What you should do for compression fractures

Dr. Porter describes his approach to treating compression fractures.

Video Series

A Neurosurgeon's View

What to look for in a cervical collar

Dr. Porter explains the best traits to look for in a cervical collar.

Lumbar Discectomy

Find out why bracing is beneficial for patients who have received a lumbar discectomy.

Video Series

The VRTX System

Customization of the VRTX System

Dr. Porter explains the importance of the VRTX System’s customization abilities.

Value of the VRTX System

Dr. Porter explains why how VRTX System revolutionizes patient care in acute care settings.

How the VRTX System Differs from Custom CTLSOs

Learn how the VRTX System allows for earlier mobilization and minimizes the length of hospitalization.

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