Series 01 | AMP

Bracing Post-op

Watch to learn why bracing post-op is very important long-term.

Bracing for Low Back Pain

Understand how a back brace can help patients with lower back pain become and stay active.

Bracing & PT 

Watch to find out how bracing and physical therapy work hand in hand.

Bracing & Increased Function

Discover how spinal bracing can help increase patient function and mobility for an active lifestyle.

Does Bracing Cause Atrophy?

Uncover the reason for this common misconception and see what clinical research has to say.

Differences Between OTC & Coded Braces

See why a coded brace may be the right decision for your patients.

Differences Between 464 TLSO & 456 TLSO

See the difference between these TLSO braces to help you decide which best suits your patients.

What the Aspen Pediatric Collar Does

Find out why the Aspen Pediatric Collar is perfectly suited to pediatric patients’ needs.

Innovation in the Vista Cervical Collar

Discover what makes the Vista Cervical Collar the most trusted collar on the market.

How the Peak Scoliosis Brace Helps Patients

Learn how the Peak Scoliosis Bracing System™ improves function.